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Ponferrada is a nice mix of a medieval and a modern city. The Temple Ponferrada Hotel allows you to reach the main tourist points in few minutes.

Medieval castle

At the very beginning it was a castro, and then a Roman Citadel. When in 1178 Ponferrada passed under the Temple Order for the donation of the kings of León, the Templars found a little fortress, and they decided to extend it in order to improve the defens of the Camino of Santiago, You can visit it every day, except on Mondays.

Basilic of the Encina

Inside we can highlight the major altarpiece, in polychrome wood, of the school of Gregorio Fernández. Above the altarpiece you can see the image of the Virgen de la Encina “La Morenica”, patroness of the Bierzo area.

Museum of the Radio Luis del Olmo

It is located in the building known as “ Casa de los Escudos”. You can find the largest collection of radio receivers of Spain, ownership of the most famous journalist of Bierzo.

Museum of railroad

The building of the old station has a large number of pieces (plans, graphic material, bibliography, etc) that give a deep knowledge of the importance of the railroad and mining activity during the XX century for the city of Ponferrada.

Distances to Points of Interest

- 200 metres from city center
- 200 metres from shopping center
- 200 metres from financial center
- 200 metres from residential area
- 300 metres form train station
- 500 metres from historical city center
- 1 km from bus station
- 2 km from industrial area
- 2 km from golf course
- 100 km from the airport